Extraordinary craftsmanship, exclusive design and refined couture details. Simplicity in all its splendour; an homage to Classic French Couture with a modern day twist is what makes, every Lulu et Gigi garment, a true work of art. 

We believe in the magic of imagination, self discovery and play. Our garments create the confidence, for children to discover that source within, to allow themselves to transform into whatever their hearts and dreams choose them to be. We believe that beauty comes first; from within, and our garments are made to enhance each child’s uniqueness. Inclusion and diversity are fostered, celebrated and encouraged.

Founder and Creative Director, Eni Hegedus-Buiron, has powered the brand, since it’s conception 5 years ago. With inspiration, from her own three daughters, world travel, and an open heart and mind, she pushes the boundaries. Leading the way in design and setting new precedents in the world of children’s luxury.

An overwhelming response has resulted in the unprecedented success and growth of the brand. From features in Vogue Italia, British Vogue, Harpers Bazzar, Tatler UK, Le Petite, Kids Magazine, Milk Magazine, Hooligans, Mini-Maven Gladys to name a few.  Dressing Hollywood celebrities and mini fashionista’s all over the world, the brand has graced international stages from NY, Paris, LA, Beijing, Toronto, Montreal and London.
Winner of the designer of the year award at Paris Fashion Week, winner of Global Women's "most inspirational woman of the year 2019", also being honoured by Milk Magazine as one of the top recommended brands, for two consecutive years, and in February 2020, Lulu et Gigi was name a recommended brand by British Vogue.

Lulu et Gigi was founded on the ideal that children are our most precious treasure. We are a luxury brand that has chosen to create with purpose.  We proudly support models of diversity as well as non-for-profits that help those who have been affected by Human Trafficking. We must all work together to save the children of the world.

About The Brand

Founder & Head Designer

Eni Hegedus-Buiron is the Founder and Head Designer of Lulu et Gigi Couture and her new namesake brand Eni Buiron FEMME.  

Inspired by her extensive travels and passion for style, Ms. Buiron launched the Lulu et Gigi brand to fill a much-needed niche of sophisticated French inspired chic, for kids and teens with discerning taste.  

Her FEMME line is a strong powerful ode to women, with clean lines and sophisticated elegance.