Founder & Head Designer

Eni Hegedus-Buiron is the Founder and Head Designer of Lulu et Gigi.  Inspired by her extensive travels and passion for style, Ms. Buiron launched her brand to fill a much needed niche of sophisticated French inspired chic, for kids and teens with discerning taste.  

Creative Director & Head Stylist.

Heather Ingram is the Creative Director at Lulu et Gigi.  Her extensive knowledge of styling and trends, bring a level of excellence to this luxury brand and her collaborations on collections is an asset. Styling the runway and shoots.  Her work can be seen on numerous runways and in fashion magazines globally.

About The Brand 

Lulu et Gigi, is a brand for those children and teens who have discerning taste, and disposable income.  Unique, timeless and chic best describes this Parisienne/Canadian brand.  Each collection is developed over the span of one-two years.  Research and detail go into every single piece. Each new collection and individual garment tells a story.  You will always see a source or definition from our inspirations under each garment description. Thus bringing a greater understanding of cultures, beauty and viewpoints to people through fashion.  We start with the most exquisite materials imported from the finest textile houses.  Each piece has some type of handwork to make sure each and every creation is unique.  Through beading, embroidery or embellishments.  Swarovski Crystals, and exquisite French laces are a regular staple with the brand, to ensure, that there are no two garments exactly alike, creating that extra level of quality and excellence in each creation.  

Lulu et Gigi, is becoming a forefront designer amongst Hollywood celebrities and mini fashionista's.  With our garments in demand all across the globe. 

Relaunching the brand only 2 years ago; Eni Hegedus-Buiron's collections have been published in Vogue Italia, Hooligans, Babiekins, Cocolilly, Milk Collections & Kids Magazine; just to name a few.

Her collections have graced international stages, from Paris, to Beijing, New York to LA.  Winner of the Grand Prize during Paris Fashion week for her A/W2016 "Matryoshka" collection.

Lulu et Gigi's exclusivity is not for everyone.  Many love the style and exquisite creations of Lulu et Gigi, however; recent demand in the market for a more accessible line for our clientele and general public, has lead us to the newest chapter in our story.  Over the next few months, we will be working on a splendid diffusion line of Lulu et Gigi,  "MADEMOISELLE".  This brand will have the same chic lines and aesthetic's that Lulu et Gigi is known for, but in a more whimsical and wearable way.  Our focus is exceptional every day wear.  Hence, MADEMOISELLE  is being created to be the perfect pairing for  Luxury Daily Wear.   

Meet The Designers